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Name: Zlodey1
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My Lands - The first on-line strategy game where you can withdraw money

The best online browser-game in 2011 awarded by confog.org now available in English! It combines best strategical elements from Travian, HoMM 3 and, whats best - it gives you the ability to earn money by playing the game and withdraw it completely legally!
On russian servers players have already earned and withdrew more than 300 000 $

Some screenshots from the game:

You can capture many structures, including an unique Salt Lake, which gives you income worth real money every hour!:

Knight´s City

Four different races:


In the era when "the dark" and "the light" lived in peace a source of power, never known to any race, was discovered: the Black Gems.
The balance of strength was disrupted and everyone tried to seize control over the Black Gems production. The Great Empire collapsed and the internecine war broke out. The inhabitants of your City have chosen you as their ruler and conferred absolute authority on you. Found new cities, study sciences, construct and upgrade buildings, train troops, hire Heroes, trade at Market, explore lands searching for abandoned domains of unknown ancient civilisation: Ruins, Pits, Salt Lakes, and Mines, defeat Monsters, seize Outer Domains from other players, spy on other players, fight for villages adjacent to cities, destroy enemy buildings and repair your own, unite with other rulers to confront enemies and remember that fragile peace is always better than murderous war.
There's a magic resource in the Game – the Black Gems. It can be both purchased for real money and obtained in the Game: stolen from Monsters in Ruins, produced in Salt Lakes of flying islands, and bought at the auction for the in-game Gold. The Black Gems can be spent on Premium services, or on the Subscription that provides the possibility to turn the Black Gems into real money.

Rule wise and lead your people toward the prosperity!Register>>>
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Name: kajote
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Beautiful picture~~let me introduce a funny WoW video for you~~
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Name: andyu
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